Griffin Gives Announces Gaming Console Donation Program

As part of a multi-faceted initiative, The Griffin Gives Foundation has partnered with GAEMS, Inc. to create a personal gaming console refurbishment program aimed at benefiting pediatric care centers and military service members.

Following the recent launch of gaming systems like Xbox ONE and Playstation 4, the donation program will see donated used gaming console units, such as Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, refurbished, and donated to children’s hospitals, Veterans Affairs centers, and individual military members stationed overseas. The refurbished gaming units will be paired with a GAEMS PGE (personal gaming and entertainment) system to allow the recipients the opportunity to have a personal, portable gaming environment.

Hank Baskett, III, former NFL wide receiver, current reality television star and Honorary Chairman of The Griffin Gives Foundation, along with Jason McKay, President and CEO of, were the driving force behind the creation of this program. “As an avid gamer and active supporter of our military and children’s hospitals, our hope behind this campaign is to provide ailing children and service members with the ability to find a temporary escape from the often stressful world around them. The physical environment that they may be in doesn’t always lend itself to sitting in front of a TV or computer and these GAEMS units will allow the games to come to them, wherever they may be,” said Baskett.

Jason McKay states “We are very excited to be involved with The Griffin Gives Foundation for this project in particular. We specifically wanted to find the best way to get these consoles to kids that have to endure long hospitalizations, to recovering veterans, and to our troops stationed away from home. The Griffin Gives Foundation is making this all happen and we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it.”

The campaign is currently active. Donation information can be found here or by emailing

For more information visit The Griffin Gives Foundation Website found Here.