SIgn up for Team Care Basketts


Lung cancer hits home for Hank Baskett III, as it does for millions of others worldwide. Baskett, who played five years in the NFL with the Indianapolis Colts, Minnesota Vikings, and the Philadelphia Eagles, is helping his father battle the disease. When Baskett’s father was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2011 he struggled with treatment. After Hank was introduced to the Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation two years ago, they put him in touch with Dr. Ross Camidge of the University of Colorado, who was able to put Baskett’s father on a personalized treatment. Baskett’s father responded well to the treatment almost immediately and is living a full life today. Baskett and The Griffin Gives Foundation have partnered with ALCF and is committed to working with ALCF to spread awareness through The Hank Baskett Classic in Palos Verdes and our event series across the United States to make Lung Cancer a manageable disease in 10 years. – For more info visit