“GAEMS, possibly the most progressive
company in the gaming industry right now,
That’s why i’ve partnered with them”

Real Players Play GAEMS

Gaming and Entertainment Mobile Systems, better known as GAEMS, is changing the way gamers around the world stay connected to their favorite console, friends and games.

By creating an entirely new category in consumer electronics, GAEMS has taken everything that’s needed for an ultimate gaming experience, and made it portable. Our company was created by hardcore gamers, for hardcore gamers. By assembling a team of industry professionals with a passion for gaming, GAEMS will always design and manufacture products with gamers in mind.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality portable gaming and entertainment experience to console gamers around the world.

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"When it comes to gaming with their favorite athletes, there's not much closer a fan can get than challenging them on OverDog!"

The Digital Playing Field for Athletes & Fans.

OverDog enables Fans to game with their favorite Athletes on Xbox and PlayStation.

OverDog was co-founded by eight-year NFL veteran Hunter Hillenmeyer, who serves as President, along with fellow co-founder and CEO Steve Berneman, who previously served as legal counsel for high-tech startups in Austin, Texas, and cut his teeth in sports working for a number of professional baseball teams. Hillenmeyer and Berneman were introduced by a mutual friend in Nashville in March 2012 and quickly formed a friendship and business relationship, incorporating OverDog in June 2012.

OverDog connects athletes and fans through their shared love of gaming through their easy and exciting mobile app. Board Members include the Tampa Bay Rays’ David Price, NFL punter Chris Kluwe, former NFL Wide Receiver Hank Baskett, and NHL Superstar Jeremy Roenick, among others.

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Athletic Gaines is by far the best and most organized NFL Offseason training program in the country that I have seen, and I have seen all of them.

Athletic Gaines owner Travelle Gaines has overseen the most anticipated NFL Offseason program in the country for the last five years. Athletic Gaines creates a very competitive environment that allows the best of the best to compete day in and day out during their time away from their team facility.  Athletic Gaines understands that the faster a player recovers, the better he can perform. For this reason, the Performance Team pays ample amounts of attention to what the players do during their downtime. From Pro Bowlers to Practice Squad players, if you are looking to take your athletic ability to the next level, look no farther then Athletic Gaines. You can have access to this unique, proven training system as you prepare for your upcoming NFL season.

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